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Kendall Industries

Kendall Industries has addressed and completed all of the most difficult challenges of our industrial and manufacturing clients. We can handle every aspect of equipment setting, erection and relocation requirements for your company.

Kendall Industries offers complete process piping design and fabrication services.

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Industrial Services | Kendall Mechanical Services LLC

About Us

We can provide millwright services, conveying installation, structural steel fabrication, concrete foundation and substructure, orbital welded piping systems and fabrication.  Other Specialty Services include:  Metal Fabrication, Stainless Steel Welding and Fabrication, Heavy Plant Work, and Design/Build Services

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Industrial Services | Kendall Mechanical Services LLC

Our Services

Our services include entire plant moves, additions, retrofits, insulation-piping and equipment. We provide instrumentation for pneumatic, hydraulic systems, mechanical/automated valves, liquid tanks, tack cleaning and complete electrical services.

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What We Do For You

We have specialty machine design capabilities from concept to prototype. Ultimately, a finished, fully functional product is presented to our clients.

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Kendall IndustriesWe are your strongest ally and highly skilled team players in design-builds and design-assist projects.

Kendall Mechanical Services LLC routinely pre-fabricates a variety of assemblies for shipment to project sites for quick, efficient installation. That includes yard piping for remote cooling towers and chillers; pump piping assemblies for machine rooms; control valve assemblies for heating and cooling coils on all types of HVAC equipment.

For specific projects where multiple trades are collaborating to gain the most out of pre-fabrication, Kendall Mechanical Services LLC can turn a portion of our shop into a job-specific manufacturing facility. This opens the pre-fabrication options to entire corridors and above-ceiling sections that include all piping, sheetmetal, conduit, cable tray, equipment and drywall that ship to the jobsite complete and only need to be installed into place. These assemblies can be drafted and coordinated in the modeling process and factory tested to ensure unmatched quality when compared to field-installed individual components.

Kendall Mechanical Services LLC is a strong and talented team player on design-build and design-assist projects. Our pre-construction team is an active participant in every client’s project, including the pre-construction manager, project manager, operations manager, project engineer and estimators. We want to make sure every job is done in the most cost-effective manner possible and finished within budget.

We work with our clients in design and coordination meetings to define the scope, design requirements and fundamentals needed to make each project successful. Kendall Mechanical Services LLC coordinate with building departments, utility suppliers, fire departments, user groups and others to determine the scope and need of our clients’ projects. We constantly evaluate every design to maximize efficiency, compliance, constructability and cost-effectiveness.